Who We Are

OWHN is an education and training network advancing women’s overall health.

We are NOT expensive or elite, a place for superficial topics, a self-help group, New Age, or a women’s social club.

OWHN events are open to ALL women in body, mind, and spirit. 

What We Do

OWHN produces inclusive and accessible events about relevant topics advancing women’s overall health.

Topics range from mental health, self-advocacy, and “Isms” to business, finance, and environment.

The 2019 sessions are held in an accessible, centrally located space with free parking at Portland English Language Academy (PELA) – a suite located inside the Lloyd Center Mall.  


The 2018-19 OWHN recipient award is Rose Haven, a day shelter and community center in Portland serving more than 3,300 women and children annually who are experiencing the trauma of abuse, loss of home, and poverty. Rose Haven first helps meet basic needs for food, clothing, hygiene, and safety. Then guests are provided education, support, and resources to assist them in regaining stability in their lives. 

What We Value

Access to Information, Self-Study and Camaraderie

OWHN History

In 1992 inspired by the First Regional Women’s Health Conference held in Seattle, Washington, the Oregon Women’s Health Network was realized by a steering committee within Multnomah County.

On March 14, 1994 Oregon’s First Women’s Health Conference, “Pulling the Pieces Together” March 14 – 15.  

The lecture format began to be of service with other health and social service professionals.  Topics covered research, current practices/recommendations, available services, and relevant policies.  

A “networking” break was a component of every lecture, allowing women to connect with other health and social service professionals.  

2018 Vision and Beyond

We are hyper focused on connecting and engaging with women to ensure that OHWN offers relevant topics that advance women’s overall health.  

We understand the value of inclusion in order to effectively serve. Get involved by requesting to facilitate a session, helping to shaping our vision, or sharing your story. HERE

At the same time, OWHN’s future may involve:

  • Initiatives engaging state-wide “chapter-leads” providing OWHN branded webinars and trainings to engage communities around women’s overall health.

  • OWHN builds partnerships with various women’s businesses and organizations to offer specific trainings, workshops and retreats.

  • OWHN builds a fund from a portion of ticket sales to offer free session attendance to women experiencing homelessness / shelters.

  • OWHN is a membership based organization

  • OWHN is a brick and mortar training and event center for women.

Our Team


Della Rae, Principal & Director
Secret Power: Simplicity
Why is women’s overall health important to me?
I believe to my core that WE thrive when women have access to information and resources to advance our overall health.


Deborah Waggoner, Program Outreach
Secret Power: Empathy
Why is women's overall health important to me?
Women are the heartbeat of the world.  Without women, there is no us!

ECD Headshot black with necklace (1).jpeg

Erin Donley, Communication
Secret Power: Truth Telling
Why is women’s overall health important to me? 
When women are strong, connected, and awake, our power to fight oppression grows by leaps and bounds.


Anuja Sinha, Operations
Secret Power: Optimism
Why is women's overall health important to me?
We, women, are creators by nature's law, we need a healthy mind and body to support our humanity. Good health is not a choice but it is the only choice! 


JoAnn Siebe, Analysis & Engagement
Secret Power:  Resilience
Why is women’s overall health important to me?  
I believe women thrive when they receive what they need for their physical and emotional health within a supportive community.  I am committed to being part of that community.


Sarah Reynolds, Community Outcomes
Secret Power: Culinary inspiration
Why women's health important to me?
Women have so much power to offer this world.  A well-nourished mind and body establishes our foundation so that we can operate from a position of strength.  With health on our side, anything is possible.


Meaning of the Logo


"The circular shape represents the feminine.  The optical illusion created by the positive/negative spaces that are both women holding hands and a snow crystal representing transformation, the ability to create change.  Radiating from the common center these female figures are women caring for each other, of strength in unity, of the power that arises when women are guided by a common ideal."   Isabel L. Villar